The “Fear The Riff” Expo Is Coming To Brooklyn Expo Center

Over the last few months I’ve shared some of the updates about the 2nd Annual “Fear The Riff” Expo over on the Website. The expo will be landing at the Brooklyn Expo Center on August 11th and readers of “The Chronicles” will be very aware of this event space as its been the location for the last few years of the NYC Hot Sauce Expo. I’ve documented that event right here on the website as the italicized text will showcase. Since time doesn’t permit me re-doing those posts at the moment, I’m using this posting as a traffic sign to them and you can examine them to your hearts desire by clicking the banner right below.

Important! With this post being a referral to some content posted on PiercingMetal, I’ve disabled the means to comment on it. The link to the main event website is listed however for you to explore any additional information that you might need. Check it out and I hope to see you there.

Official Website: