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The CW Network Trailers Are Revealed @ SDCC 2018

During last weeks Comic Con International: San Diego, the trailers came flying at us with reckless abandon and though I’ve added a “Film and Television” Category to “The Chronicles”, the demands on my time with PiercingMetal along with the fact that I am actually just back from a quick vacation with family finds me utilizing the tactic that I recently adopted for the Warner Brothers Pictures trailers. All of the trailer links below are from The CW Network who as most of you know is the home of a number of DC Comics themed shows. Clicking the logo of the series will bring you over to where each show gets its own narrative. Let’s go.

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Piercing Ken Thoughts: Now as I’ve mentioned on the Warner Brothers Pictures posting, I don’t usually do the trailers like this but I just didn’t have the time and still wanted you to see them. With them living on PiercingMetal already I didn’t need to repeat it. Going forward, more and more of those clips will be posted here on their own narratives. So are you still watching any of these shows? I must admit that with the exception of “Supernatural”, I am recording all of the rest of them on my DVR. It’s impossible for me to just sit and enjoy them with the heavy agenda going on with the Metal and Geek site that’s for sure. Thanks for reading.

Official Websites:
The Flash:
Legends Of Tomorrow:
Black Lightning:

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