The Cubes Are Coming,The Cubes Are Coming…..

As you know there is always construction going on in New York City and while the majority of it is pretty much the same old same old for someone who is a lifelong resident like me, there is the occasional time where the visual (or proposed visual) catches my attention and eye. Such was the case when I exited the “D” train the other night on the way to a show at the Best Buy Theater……Just across from me was a giant sign that proclaimed in as loud a voice as a sign can possibly have that “The Cubes Are Coming!” Check it out below.

In looking at the proposed finished structure, it appears as though these new buildings will be entirely clear and look like stacked up lucite containers or something similar to that. I will admit this is different and since we were still in the girder skeletal stage of the construction, all I could do was photograph what was in progress.

I will assume that all of the structure in terms of the walls around you are going to be clear and that the floors and ceilings will not be. If I am mistaken in this assumption then you ladies might want to rethink shorter skirts in the warmer months. I’m just saying…..

I’m really interested in seeing how this all turns out and don’t worry I will make a promise now to go back when its completed and give you some updated photographs. Maybe I will even be able to get inside and shoot some looking down on the tourists as they pass by. Only time will tell on that one right.

So what do you think of these modern type of structures that want to consider themselves “Art” at the very same time. Do you love ’em or hate ’em. Let me know. For now its back to the regular process of keeping the PiercingMetal engine running smooth but we shall be back here in no time with additional observances and thoughts.

Until we meet again.

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