The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken’s “Top Nine” Instagrams For 2019

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Greetings my friends, we’ve arrived at the time of the year where people get to showcase their “Top Nine” images on Instagram and this reveal is done when they tabulate all of the likes across your profile posts. Though I used Instagram quite a bit this past year I really fell behind based on just how many events I was attending for “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” Lifestyle Blog. There is only so much time in the day and with major events like the Toy Insider and TTPM Happenings on top of the NY International Auto Show, the Motorcycle show and several others, it’s safe to say that my sister outlet to it often just as busy if not busier depending on the time of the year. Much like my usage of this medium for, I can say that I used this even more than our Official Facebook. Let’s talk about the selections for this year.

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About These Visuals:
This year’s Top Nine was an interesting mix for sure and finds images from five different specialty events. This made sense based on “The Chronicles” upgrading our convention attendance over the last couple of years and getting access to expos that we had not yet worked professionally. Starting from the top left and working our way around there are two beautiful models from the New York International Auto Show. They were repping Monster Energy drinks during a part of the show called The Dub Show. Then there is inked tattoo goddess Sabrina Sawyers from the New York Empire State Tattoo Expo. She is a big fan of horror and you cannot believe all of the monsters she has on her amazing figure. Last in the row is my beloved black cat Spooke and as I’ve had her since she was born, I never mind her in my yearly visuals. Next row was a surprise because the first two images are from the same event and with mostly the same folks as we have Acey Slade and myself along with a photo of our other friend Chris Caffery at Acey’s Dead Sled Coffee booth during the NYC Hot Sauce Expo. The music fans might already know this but for those in the unaware I should say that Acey is a member of Dope and The Misfits while Chris is a member of Savatage and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Last in the row is an accordion player I chanced upon when on the way home from an event. She was awesome so we included her. Now onto the third row with a sample taste of a Japanese pancake, my annual Christmas photo of the black cat Spooke and then myself with a gigantic Gund teddy bear. Whew.

Statistically Speaking:
Much like we did with the PiercingMetal profile, in early 2019 I decided to make the Piercing Ken Instagram a Business Profile once again because I wanted to see where everyone was coming from and what some of the demographic ratios were there to observe. At the time of this posting, the profile has 745 Followers and according to the breakdown we have 55% Women and 45% Men tuning in. Though the ages range from 13-65, the strongest concentration in the demographic is 25-54 years of age. In 2019, these followers and the curious onlookers helped us achieve 7.6K “Likes” for the postings. There are currently 3.9K+ images loaded onto the profile. My hopes are to reach 5K images by our website anniversary in May.

Geography: As a NYC based outlet that attends a LOT of concerts and conventions in NYC, I was not surprised at all to find this as our biggest area of influence. It seems to account for almost 80% of the visiting with the rest falling to Los Angeles, Jersey City, Philadelphia and Helsinki. This is the same as the PiercingMetal profile with the exception of Toronto being where Jersey City is here.

Three Photos I Wanted To Be Top Nine: Sure I’m happy about the “Top Nine” that came from our audience offering up the likes but these three images are ones that I would have liked to see up there in some sense based on how I felt about them. The first up was a group shot of the talented actresses, singers, dancers who made up the Sailor Moon performance that happened earlier this year. We attended the press preview and it was so exciting. The next image is a shot I snapped just post a blood donation because I try to go all the time when I can. It’s very important to donate and I used to be scared to death about doing it. I think I’ve donated about “13” pints so far and am in their “Gallon Club” level as result. It’s a good thing to do so please let me spark you into considering it. Last up is a shot of the Geico racing speedboat because it was massive and just looked so damned cool. I snapped this at the NY Boat Show which will be heading to NYC in late January once again.

Piercing Ken Thoughts: If you are following a lot of profiles, you probably have noticed some changes in what you are seeing and this is likely based on the fact that Instagram is a fully owned property of Facebook and now they use the same crippling algorithm. They are also looking to eliminate the view of Public Likes so if a photo of mine has 10K likes on it, you will not see this and only myself or an account administrator for the outlet will. This all means that its now more important than ever for our supportive fans to share news that we are out there and like the heck out of the posts so the climb keeps happening in our numbers and we break some personal records. 2020 will find “The Chronicles” reaching its own 10th Anniversary and by that May date I hope to have more than 5K images to enjoy on our Instagram. The website itself is closing in on 1K total postings which is pretty cool as well. Thanks to everyone who is helping this profile and enjoying all of the offerings. I’ve done by best to keep it as interesting as possible. Let’s raise the bar a little higher in 2020 and if you aren’t already following the assorted social networks for this website just check the links down below to rectify that. We’d love to have you along on most of them if you’d be so kind. Thanks for reading, let’s get ready for 2020.

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