The “Blogger Bash” Bids Farewell (2014-2017)

Piercing Ken Thoughts: I only ever attended one of the Blogger Bash events and that was back in 2016. You can revisit those narratives if you are interested by clicking HERE. The event was still pretty “new” to me and I only learned of it from our friends over at as they had been going for a few years. Generally speaking, I miss when anything cool goes “away” but I think that perhaps this event had run its course and would be served in the larger sense by what we found happening at the “Sweet Suite” affair that ran in tandem to it. I was glad to have attended one of these at least since it helped firm up my desire to expand what is happening with “The Chronicles” blog and this has been very beneficial when it comes to our other Toy Fair adventures and the relations that have been growing with The Toy Insider people. What do you think about this news? Does it distress you? Were you one of the influential Influencers or Social Media Gurus that we encountered along the way? I’d love to get your take on this so do please chime in down below. Until next time my friends, keep it real.

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