The Big Apple “Pyramid” or Sol LeWitt Structures Exhibit

I’ve often said to both friends and visitors to our fair metropolis alike that you just never know what you are going to see when you walk through the streets of New York City. This is another example of it and was seen just off Broadway at City Hall. It’s a pyramid structure made up of concrete blocks and looks to stand about ten to twelve feet high. It was part of the Sol LeWitt Structures public art display and I only managed to snare a few photos of this particular one. Time was not on my side that day but please enjoy these and the information sign.

Here are the finer details for you all. I felt it best to snap a photo of that rather than line out every single detail verbatim.

A shot from a slightly closer vantage point.

And yet another from a little bit farther away. Its very nice to look at but I always enjoyed the visual of pyramids myself.

I should mention that this pyramid is a little bit of angle trickery as well and the structure does not go completely around. Its only on the side that you see in these photos. I realize now that I should have taken a couple of more shots to show you exactly what I mean but I can always do that later and append this posting.

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