The Bay Ridge Memorial Day Parade (5/28/2012)

It was just Memorial Day here in the United States and while it’s a great day to have off from work and enjoy some BBQ with your friends and family, it is most importantly a day that comes to us thanks to the selfless sacrifice of our enlisted men and women who were killed in action. We must never forget this. The Piercing Ken inner sanctum is located somewhere within beautiful Bay Ridge Brooklyn and yesterday we had our annual Memorial Day Parade which ran down a section of Third Avenue. It actually was not much more than ten or twelve blocks in length based on all the parade routes being shortened a few years ago by the Mayor. I got there nice and early and shot a whole lot of photos that will hopefully make you feel as if you were standing on the corner with me as it went by. I also decided to limit the actual text and leave this as a primarily visual presentation. Please by all means enjoy what we are putting out there for you and next time we hope you manage to drop by.

The parade was kicked into gear by a motorcade of veteran’s who were all riding their Harley Davidson motorcycles. They were really a sight to see.

The Jeeps and other Army conveyance would lead the way for the Classic Cars that were heading our way. There were a LOT of them which was wonderful. I actually almost decided to present this part of the parade to you in a separate blog posting but felt it would have taken away from the overall vibe. So here we go as the classic cars come a rolling by.

The fire engine signified the end of the parade of classic automobiles. I liked this part of the parade quite a bit and felt that perhaps the next time that the car show comes to the Javits Center that maybe I will use my media savvy and wander about that affair as a member of the press and share my findings with you here.

Now don’t go thinking I am losing my sense of aim and focus here but I am instead trying to capture the license plate on this cool car. It said “TheWho66” and I initially thought it said “666”. Guess the eyes of the Metal guy are in need of a little more assistance these days. It happens.

Coming up next was a literal “Game Of Thrones” army’s worth of Boy Scouts of America. I mean it, there was a lot of them. I snapped a quick couple of shots but was not going to get the barrage of troops. Sorry. I did want to keep some of this brief.

I also didn’t want to ruin the shots for the parents chasing along side as their young uns proudly marched up Third Avenue.

I did want to snare in visual the one Mom who was marching alongside as her son played his instrument or marched with whatever he was carrying because she was obviously capturing this for a YouTube video. It was very cute but they were moving too quick and on the opposite side of my position.

Despite missing that one, I did catch this Mom, Aunt or older Sister as she live tweeted the happenings to the inter webs.

Fantastic. Finally the bagpipes. Thanks for joining in guys, I have been waiting over 138 photographs for you to get here 🙂

Following the team of Union guys came this giant digger with an American Flag on it. I had to admit that I thought it was going to take something or someone out since it kept on raising and lowering the scooper. Lucky for everyone that did not happen. I loved this visual so much that I share a few more photos of it than I would have normally done.

That’s all I have for now. Thanks for scrolling through all of this. Maybe I will start presenting some of the various parades we have over here. That might be fun to do. Please do come visit us in Bay Ridge sometime. Its a nice area and has some cool shore visuals and shops.

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  1. Great pictures Ken. Really made me feel like I was actually there. And BTW, the army truck with the helmet on the front bumper…I saw that at a benefit in Staten Island last year.

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