Taking a Wander On The High Line Elevated Park (10/5/2011)

The High Line elevated park in NYC has been open for several months now and its been something that I wanted to wander since I had first learned about it. It is pretty cool to realize that as opposed to tearing down this former elevated train railway that they chose to re-purpose it and then open it to the public as something free to enjoy. Today I would finally visit the park with my good buddy and fellow blogger Skeleton Pete Parrella and together we would each be presenting a visual journey across the span of the Highline. I didn’t add many captions but perhaps over time I shall for good measure. For now just please put on some comfortable shoes and grab a bottle of water as we adventure a couple of floors above the city streets and prepare to walk the entire Highline.

Under The Highline

Stairway To Heaven, I Mean Highline

So there you have it. A really pleasant presentation and a nicely done job for sure by the folks who made it all come to pass, but this is one that is better experienced in person if at all possible. Visitors planning some time in NYC are encouraged to take a wander for themselves but for your own sake I would recommend that you do it during the warmer months. Unless you are coming here from Scandinavia or somewhere else where cold is kind of a normal thing for you. Big Apple residents I suggest Spring, Summer or early Fall. Winter would likely be too much up there. Brrr.

Official Website: http://www.thehighline.org/

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