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Hitting A Decade Of Using WordPress (2007-2017)

So I am a few days late with this news but its been a little busy over here at the Creative Command HQ; The other day I received a notification on the WordPress Admin Dashboard which said that a super cool milestone had been reached and this anniversary is that I had signed up for WordPress.com some ten years ago.  Longer tenured readers know that I am using this blogging software on both of my websites at this time.   Check out the “Anniversary Graphic” and then we shall continue along.

As I’ve noted in past posts of this kind, I love sharing what amounts to a website anniversary or maybe with this its more of a blogiversary since its for the blogging software I’m celebrating here.  Ten years is a long time to be doing anything nowadays and while I’ve been using the WordPress software for that long, the main PiercingMetal website hit its 12th Anniversary back in April while “The Chronicles” is now just passed its 7th.  I should have gone to WordPress a little earlier with PM.com but was afraid to make the jump when this was something “brand new”.  Now, with both outlets fully using WordPress the creativity flows a whole lot easier than ever before.  Let’s take a look at where these two websites stand collectively.
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Hitting My WordPress 9th Anniversary :)

Today the notification hit my WordPress Admin Dashboard and reminded me that I had reached a new personal milestone as one of the users of this blogging software. According to the notification I have now been a registered user of WordPress for nine years and its been a great boon to my creative world for sure. Below is the updated graphic that I was presented with.

Photo - WordPress - 9th Anniversary

I love sharing the webcentric anniversaries here on the Chronicles and to reiterate what this one actually means, its not a creative scribe anniversary but instead means I have been using the WordPress software for nine years. Some might remember that I originally began my forays into blogging by using the Blogger tools but I preferred the way WordPress flowed for me and that it could be installed right under my dotcom names. PiercingMetal.com hit its 11th Anniversary this year and PiercingKen.com its 6th and I’ve been a full WordPress creative house since 2014 which permits a lot more fluidity in my creative edge. I no longer even miss the old static design in the slightest since by 2014 the smallest update required so much work. While there is still a substantial amount of “legacy” content to integrate into PiercingMetal.com, across the board collectively it looks like this:
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Happy 10th Anniversary To WordPress (5/27/2013)

Wow so according to WordPress itself, today is the tenth anniversary of the launch of the first release of the blogging software, and as an avid WordPress blogger and occasional spirit guide to my friends who use it I say Happy Anniversary!!!!

Logo - WordPress

I started running my static website PiercingMetal.com in 2005 which was two years after WordPress first launched and back at that time it was hard enough to convince people to work with you being an online version of a magazine much less a blog but my how things have changed since then. Initially I hated the blogging aspect of online journalism, but that changed around 2007 for me when I launched my sites official blog “PiercingMetal Musings” and used Google’s Blogger for it at first. Now without trying to offend those who love that particular medium, it did not do the trick for me, and it was sending necessary traffic attention “away” from my dotcom which was not a good thing. Then while digging around in the provisions that my hosting company offered me, I saw that I could not only install the WordPress blogging software under my domain but also import my entire existing Blogger blog into it at the touch of a button. Once confirming that I had lost nothing at all and that it functioned under my domain I was officially sold on the WordPress medium from that point on. I’ve also done my best to to champion its effectiveness to my peers as well.

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“The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” Is Now In WordPress

It was only just over two weeks ago that I announced the debut of a brand-new blog that I would be launching called “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken”. If you didn’t see that post, just click HERE to be more up to speed with the news. This new blog was being delivered to the interested using Google’s Blogger software.

Today I am here to share the news that a proper dotcom domain name has been secured with “PiercingKen.com” and WordPress is now installed under this domain so no more using Blogger for the posts. I spent most of yesterday integrating the few weeks of old posts into the new WordPress software and from here on everything that you will be reading will be in WordPress. For the interim I have a “We Have Moved” sign posted as the final post on the Blogger account but in time that entire presence might be deleted to avoid any confusion. The writer in me wants all the traffic to come to the correct location and stay here and I’ve gotten pretty adept at WordPress since I’ve been using it on the PiercingMetal Blog as well for a couple of years. The blog has a few dozen subscribers so I want them to find the new place easy enough. I’ve placed a link to my Twitter below so you can follow along with whatever I am getting up to over here and in time perhaps I will employ the other social networks that are available to keep people in the loop. You might laugh at the notion that I have not used that Twitter since some time in late 2009 so it will be nice to finally have a reason to tweet. Okay that is all I have to share with you. Let’s make this something fun together.