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Happy 10th Anniversary To WordPress (5/27/2013)

Wow so according to WordPress itself, today is the tenth anniversary of the launch of the first release of the blogging software, and as an avid WordPress blogger and occasional spirit guide to my friends who use it I say Happy Anniversary!!!!

Logo - WordPress

I started running my static website PiercingMetal.com in 2005 which was two years after WordPress first launched and back at that time it was hard enough to convince people to work with you being an online version of a magazine much less a blog but my how things have changed since then. Initially I hated the blogging aspect of online journalism, but that changed around 2007 for me when I launched my sites official blog “PiercingMetal Musings” and used Google’s Blogger for it at first. Now without trying to offend those who love that particular medium, it did not do the trick for me, and it was sending necessary traffic attention “away” from my dotcom which was not a good thing. Then while digging around in the provisions that my hosting company offered me, I saw that I could not only install the WordPress blogging software under my domain but also import my entire existing Blogger blog into it at the touch of a button. Once confirming that I had lost nothing at all and that it functioned under my domain I was officially sold on the WordPress medium from that point on. I’ve also done my best to to champion its effectiveness to my peers as well.

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