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If You Enjoy My “PiercingMetal Musings” Blog Then Read This Now!

It was a little over a month ago that I discussed some dramatic changes that were happening with my PiercingMetal.com website – If you missed that note then click HERE for the quick refresher to bring you up to date. Then we can continue along.

Logo - PiercingMetal Musings - Original
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New readers to PiercingKen.com and those who are also enjoying my music reporting forays might not know that for the past seven years I have also been presenting a side blog to my ardent supporters that took deeper steps into the music stuff and braved a whole lot of things that were deemed as related to our subject of focus. This blog was called “PiercingMetal Musings” and it serves our readership well and speaks to them as a fellow fan of a whole lot of different subjects. This little commercial is here to tell you to click the logo above so you can see the latest earth shattering development in the media world of PiercingMetal.com – alright maybe its not entirely Earth shattering but since I just finished reading a pile of comic books my creative energies are a bit dramatic. Anyway, read that and I shall see you next time.

“The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” Is Now In WordPress

It was only just over two weeks ago that I announced the debut of a brand-new blog that I would be launching called “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken”. If you didn’t see that post, just click HERE to be more up to speed with the news. This new blog was being delivered to the interested using Google’s Blogger software.

Today I am here to share the news that a proper dotcom domain name has been secured with “PiercingKen.com” and WordPress is now installed under this domain so no more using Blogger for the posts. I spent most of yesterday integrating the few weeks of old posts into the new WordPress software and from here on everything that you will be reading will be in WordPress. For the interim I have a “We Have Moved” sign posted as the final post on the Blogger account but in time that entire presence might be deleted to avoid any confusion. The writer in me wants all the traffic to come to the correct location and stay here and I’ve gotten pretty adept at WordPress since I’ve been using it on the PiercingMetal Blog as well for a couple of years. The blog has a few dozen subscribers so I want them to find the new place easy enough. I’ve placed a link to my Twitter below so you can follow along with whatever I am getting up to over here and in time perhaps I will employ the other social networks that are available to keep people in the loop. You might laugh at the notion that I have not used that Twitter since some time in late 2009 so it will be nice to finally have a reason to tweet. Okay that is all I have to share with you. Let’s make this something fun together.