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The Chronicles Of PiercingKen 7th Anniversary

Today is the 7th Anniversary of “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” Lifestyle Blog. Thanks to all of our readers and passerby for the support and interest.

Announcing PiercingMetal’s Twelfth Anniversary (2005-2017)

Hello there my dear readers of “The Chronicles”. I’m here today to take a moment of your time and share the news that my Heavy Metal Reviews and Pop Culture website PIERCINGMETAL has achieved its twelfth year of online existence. I know, time flies and I can hardly believe it myself. Longer tenured readers know that we occasionally use this page to redirect you to the other website and since I’ve shared my thoughts on this latest birthday, I will be doing so once more. Just click on the photo to be brought to PiercingMetal for our yearly summary.

As expected, the means to comment on this post have been disabled because its only a signpost. Once you get over to the yearly summary on PiercingMetal.com you can leave your thoughts about what’s come before if you are compelled to do so. I always love seeing what the readers have to say. Also, please give a once over to the Social Networking links down below since they will keep you up to speed on all of that websites activity if you are interested in monitoring what’s coming next. Thanks for the support for these Chronicles and the PiercingMetal website.

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Hitting My WordPress 9th Anniversary :)

Today the notification hit my WordPress Admin Dashboard and reminded me that I had reached a new personal milestone as one of the users of this blogging software. According to the notification I have now been a registered user of WordPress for nine years and its been a great boon to my creative world for sure. Below is the updated graphic that I was presented with.

Photo - WordPress - 9th Anniversary

I love sharing the webcentric anniversaries here on the Chronicles and to reiterate what this one actually means, its not a creative scribe anniversary but instead means I have been using the WordPress software for nine years. Some might remember that I originally began my forays into blogging by using the Blogger tools but I preferred the way WordPress flowed for me and that it could be installed right under my dotcom names. PiercingMetal.com hit its 11th Anniversary this year and PiercingKen.com its 6th and I’ve been a full WordPress creative house since 2014 which permits a lot more fluidity in my creative edge. I no longer even miss the old static design in the slightest since by 2014 the smallest update required so much work. While there is still a substantial amount of “legacy” content to integrate into PiercingMetal.com, across the board collectively it looks like this:
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The PiercingKen Blog Is Officially Six Years Old!

Hello there my readers, I just wanted to take a moment out of your day to let you know that today is the sixth anniversary of this PiercingKen.com Blog and what a fun six years it’s been so far. Those folks who’ve been with me since the beginning know that it was launched as a space where all of the other photography, musical forays and city observations could be presented and serve as a home away from my Metal home over at PiercingMetal.com – Now you newbies to the domain know as well. Thank you for taking the time to visit us from time to time when there is something that I would like to say.


The past year of creative offerings have spanned my museum and convention visits and some tourism from both NYC and from Down South where I visit family. I hope to do more of that stuff as I begin the path to the seventh year. I didn’t get as much music discussed on the site as I would have liked but some of the items on the agenda were held back by the increased productivity of the PiercingMetal.com site. With that site completely in WordPress at this point, the to do list gets bigger and bigger but that is fine by me. I’ve remained very active on this sites social networks so I hope you are following the Official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because when I am out in our great metropolis I’m sending information to all of them. My plans for the new creative year are more music, more museum stuff and perhaps even other conventions that some might find interesting – oh yeah and more food stuff since I have connected this site its socials to both my Foodspotting and Yelp accounts (all items are linked down below for ease of your support). I’m also planning a lot more silly stuff from the personal archives that I hope will amuse you and get you thinking a little bit also if you should have similar things.

Thanks for the time you choose to spend here. I can say that traffic continues to climb as more and more posts get placed in this Lifestyle Archive and that’s a very good thing. There are about 375 posts to this site as I write this. Your interest in these musings about life humbles me.

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Celebrating 11 Years Of PiercingMetal.com :)

Whether you calculate it as 132 months, 572 weeks, 4,015 days or 96,360 hours – it all ends up amounting to the same result of eleven years which is exactly how long my PiercingMetal.com website has been online. I’m rather proud of my Metal Media home on the web and wanted to be sure that all the readers of the Piercing Ken Blog were aware of this personal milestone. Click the image below to be taken to my posting about it on that site. I snapped this one with my phone so I could share the news best in our Instagram.


I’ve disabled the means to comment on this post since it relates to the other website and any notes from readers are better left on that posting on PiercingMetal.com – Either way, thank you all ever so much for keeping up with our adventures. You all rock.