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“Good Friday” Eats @ Pho Hoai Bay Ridge

We are smack dab in the middle of the Easter weekend and with this being a holiday that I celebrate as a card-carrying Catholic, I do my best to fast on Good Friday and have one meal only. It’s also stressed that no meat be involved so keeping it to fish is what I always try to do on this particular day. After my morning coffee, I did my best to distract myself from any noshing or bites of this and that by working on photos and such. When it came to finally getting something to eat, I had decided upon the nearby Pho Hoai Vietnamese restaurant in my Bay Ridge neighborhood and since I LOVE showcasing food here on The Chronicles, wanted to share my selections with you all.

Let’s start off with the appetizers of crispy calamari. They make a nice batch of the stuff but its not like the crispy squid in garlic sauce that I love to death from Nha Trang in Manhattan. They do serve it with a tasty gelatinous sort of dip but its not the same IMHO.

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A Quick Visit To Pho Hoai Bay Ridge

When your day kind of looks like this outside there is really only one sure fire cure to get you back into proper order and in my opinion that thing is a big bowl of Vietnamese chicken noodle soup. Now, don’t get me wrong here because while there is nothing like good ole Mom’s brand of the stuff, it’s not always something that is immediately at hand. That being said, today I headed over to Pho Hoai to pick up some lunch as I love the place but since I was on my own I brought my treats home and wanted to share the visuals with you to inspire interest.

A Snow Covered Urbania

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