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Happy 50th To The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge (1964-2014)

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge that spans from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn over to Staten Island across the Narrows tidal strait. As an almost lifelong resident of Bay Ridge and being in a close enough proximity to where the bridge actually is, I regularly find myself down on the Shore Promenade walking around with my camera snagging visuals for all of my readers to enjoy. What I did with this particular post for the anniversary was to cull together a whole lot of shots from different points in time and from different angles for your maximum pleasure. I’ll make note when I can but for the most part its more fun to let your imagination run with you.

verrazano bridge, verrazano bridge photos, brooklyn sights

verrazano bridge, verrazano bridge photos, brooklyn sights
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This Job Is A Definite Yikes!!!

It was a brutally hot day today but I went out walking just the same to get some exercise and see what I might see for my idea bank. When I reached Shore Road’s Promenade, I glanced up and saw some men working on the bridge and it was a job that clearly had me saying “Yikes” aloud for all to hear. As you can see in this photo, its a small crane of some kind and the workers are in a basket working below the span of the bridge. Sounds simple enough right?

Anyways, I tried to get a little closer with my zoom, but didn’t see the shot properly and only got “so much” closer. I apologize. The sun was beating down on me at the time and I could barely see the image on the little screen on my sidearm. Oh and that is what I call my Cybershot camera in case you were wondering. He is the perfect little travel companion.

So what makes me view this particular job as “Yikes”……well, I think that the next shot kind of illustrates where my thought process was coming from. Can you still see the little crane? You can’t? Alright well, if you look from the left of the image its about four sections over so look very, very carefully. That’s a pretty steep drop from where I am looking. Be careful guys.

As I close up this little piece, I have to admit that I love this bridge and think that perhaps I will come up with some other photos that feature it from some different angles. You’d like that right?