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Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 To Our Readership

Yes my friends we’ve rolled around to that Hallmark Holiday that they call Valentine’s Day once again. In honor of the occasion I’m posting a photo of a recent home cooked Pita Bread Pizza, my “PitaZa” as it kind of looked like a heart. You see it too right? Right? I hope so because its clear to me and who out there doesn’t love a little pizza….

pitaza, pizza, pita bread

If you are a reader who is dating or married, be sure to continue the special treatment far beyond the confines of this Hallmark Day because that is the right thing to do. Try not to make your single friends ill with all the lovey-dovey stuff 🙂 To the single folks out there (like myself) I wish you a Happy February 14th, and 15th, 16th etc. Don’t forget that the candy that was over-priced up until yesterday will be super cheap tomorrow if you are in need of some chocolate. Send your folks a note today and say you love them if you are still fortunate enough to have them in your world like I do and treat your fur babies a little sweeter even though they have no idea what today actually is. Until we meet again, cheers.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017 To Our Readers :)

Happy Hallmark Holiday!

While I consider Valentine’s Day to be a Hallmark occasion, I can stress that I truly LOVE all of our website readers and those who have liked this entertainment outlet on its assorted social networks. On this Valentine’s Day let me leave you with a thought – Be sure to love those who matter in your world strongly EVERY day. Your family, your pets, your SO, your friends. Not just today. Life changes in a blink so thanks to all who are special in mine. Please know that I see all the messages and nods to posts and images so keep it coming and tell your friends about it so they can join in on the fun. I will keep the bar set on high for sure. See you soon.

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Happy Valentines Day 2015 Readers

Just a quick wish of a Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our wonderful readers. We do indeed love your support very, very much and hope to keep on amusing you as time moves forward. If you are by yourself today, just spend time with those who make you feel special. This is a Hallmark Holiday after all and remember if you are with someone, do your best to make them aware of that importance all the year round.


Happy Valentines Day 2014 Dear Readers <3

Hey there friends it’s everyone’s favorite Hallmark Holiday once again and I just wanted to take a moment of your time to share some themed visuals for this particular day. Since I was not rushing to make extravagant dinner plans or worry about the roses arriving on time for that special someone, I had a little extra time on my hands to play with. First up is this rather silly little “Heart Man” that I have had for years. It was one of the things that my Grandmother had given me to hang up in my old apartment and I just love it so had to share him with you all. Pardon that he is right now sprucing up my intercom.

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Happy Valentines Day 2012 New York City

Just a quick thought about this oft-called Hallmark Holiday, and believe me I am not saying this as a soured single at all 🙂 I do wish everyone peace and love today whether its Valentines Day or otherwise. Be good to the ones you love and remind them of what makes them special to your own day as much as possible and try to make it last a whole lot longer than the box of candy or dozen roses might give you in terms of time. There’s a lot of great people behind me and my work and all of them provide me with the positive energy and drive to move forward with zeal and gusto. I love you all. Some perhaps a little more than others, but that happens along the way in life doesn’t it 😉

The image you see above was snared while wandering down 34th Street this morning. It was in the Macy’s window and I was heading down to Toy Fair 2012 to do my journalist thing. Maybe next year I toss together a little bit more of a Valentine’s Day posting with images from around the city. Let’s see what happens. Toy Fair was celebrating the day by having boxes of these all around.

I was not much the fan of these candies, but did get a kick out of the messages on them. I was more of a Sweet Tarts kind of guy and those Smarties (mad love for Smarties). Closing up I would like to end this with a little kiss.

I know that was terrible, but really…..you didn’t expect something like this? From me? You must be new around here 🙂