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Unboxing The Sweet Suite Schwag Box

Over the summer I attended my first-ever “Sweet Suite” which is an event that is set up by the fine folks at Toy Insider.  I had met them at this years American International Toy Fair thanks to our good friend in media Mr. Skeleton Pete. Shortly after the event, this massive box arrived and I figured it would be fun to do one of those “unboxing” posts, even though I know this stuff is better suited for a YouTube.com channel.  I opted to use the Chronicles of Piercing Ken for this post based on the event and the contents of said box being more suited to my folks with kids readership so here we go.

sweet suite 2016

Okay so before I begin I will stress that this is NOT all of the stuff that was in the box. It was massive as you can see and packed to the brim. No complaints on that at all so here we go with something adorable called “Twozies”. They come care of the makers of Shopkins.

sweet suite 2016
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