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Riding The Rails: The Hudson Ones

I’ve been meaning to share this little group of films for a few months now but somehow it just got by me. Of course, the delay made this a little better at the end of the day and here is why. The origin of the clips comes from my couple of times a year journey upstate to see friends and to get up there I take the Hudson River line train and get to enjoy its wonderful visuals (depending on the day of course). The last time that I headed up there I decided to snag some clips on the trip back to the Big Apple. I had done a few moments of video between each train station stop for about three stops.

Now instead of loading up four separate videos and adding each of those in, I used Microsoft Movie Maker to tie them together for one hopefully enjoyable experience. I think the next time that I head up this way I will capture these visuals “on the way” there and do breaks between stations like this. The software allows me to easily tie them together so let’s see what happens when I attempt that. Stay tuned and until next time have a nice day.