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Now Playing: “Bumblebee” in Theaters Everywhere (12/21/2018)

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As you’ve most probably surmised, today is a BIG day for movie releases because we’ve already announced that “Aquaman” has opened along with the recently premiered “Mortal Engines” and “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse”. Now I bring you the news that “Bumblebee” is opening up as well. If you’ve missed the trailer for this one somehow just click HERE to see that post over on my PiercingMetal website and BTW, clicking the names of those other films will open up tabs with the related content for your added enjoyment.

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The Synopsis: Twenty years before the events of the first film, in 1987, Bumblebee takes refuge in a small California beach town junkyard, where a teenage girl named Charlie Watson takes him in. However, the two of them soon find themselves hunted by a Government Agency known as Sector Seven, lead by Agent Burns. As they run from society, the two learn that Bee isn’t the only Transformer on Earth, and that the others might not be as friendly. (thanks Wiki).
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Optimus Prime Visits Bay Ridge Construction Site

This morning while on some errands in the immediate vicinity from my PiercingMetal HQ I was pleased to find the one and only Optimus Prime on point at a local construction site. This really left me with a sense of positivity and security knowing that the Autobot Commander was keeping the region safe from any Decepticon shenanigans.

I knew the leader of the Autobots (or one of the Transformers to you lay people) was in our Metropolis when I caught him at one of the Toys R Us chains a couple of years ago. Below is photographic proof for the skeptics.

Carry on people and know that we are being well looked after.