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PiercingKen’s Top Five Blogs Read In 2011

It’s been a very active year for me as a photographer and lifestyle blogger when it comes to the stuff that I have been sharing with the world on my PiercingKen blog. Longtime readers will recall how I launched this little space on the Internet to have an area to showcase my other photography and ideas that fell too far outside of my music journalist adventures that we present on PiercingMetal.com and that leads me to this posting. What I decided to do was offer up a list of the “Top Five” most read blogs on the website. This is by no means a lining out of the most active writings for the calendar year itself but instead the most visited items that have been done since we launched the site. I felt that this would be a little cooler and if we end up with the same thing when 2012 closes its book, I will figure out something different to share with you. Doing something like this lets the newer readers enjoy some of the trinkets and possibly share with their own friends as new “discoveries”. The list is numbered as most popular in order of their visits. #1 is the obvious highest of the batch.

1. When Astronomy & Metal Met Face To Face

2. Hangry & Angry Fashion Show @ NY Comic Con/Anime Fest (2010)

3. Tom Otterness “Life Underground” A Public Art Display

4. The M&M’s Are Among Us

5. Nathan Saway’s “The Art Of The Brick” Exhibit

Looking at the list myself I had to smile a little bit as I recalled the circumstances that made them become blog as well. It strengthens my creative resolve and finds me super excited for the stuff that I will chance upon in 2012 and share with you all over here. Thanks for reading, commenting, liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter. I appreciate it all.