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Enjoying Rhythm & Stealth and Jogyo’s Musical Offerings

Back in December I had the chance to attend a Holiday Mixer over at The Marlin Room at Webster Hall. This is a relatively new space in the building and essentially gives NYC a grand total of three venues in this location. That is great news if you are a musician and for those who are curious, this Marlin Room is slightly larger than the downstairs Studio. Anyway, after the party my buddy Skeleton Pete and I went downstairs to enjoy the music. Two of the bands that were performing at the time were Rhythm & Stealth and Jogyo. Check them out in these images.

jogyo, joygo concert photos
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Digging Some Dynasty Electric (12/16/2013)

After attending a Holiday Mixer over at the Marlin Room at Webster Hall, I decided to do a little exploring to see what was happening down at The Studio (which is a space that many Metal fans know about since we’ve all been there for shows). Having done numerous reports about these events at the space, I was intrigued by the sounds that were happening there this evening but it was not really up my normal reporting alley which led me to scribbling some thoughts here on the PiercingKen site. One of the exciting acts that was doing their thing was called Dynasty Electric.

Logo - Dynasty Electric
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