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“Happy Thanksgiving” 2018 My Friends

Hello my friends and a wish of “Happy Thanksgiving” to you and your families, if you are in the part of the world that is celebrating along with us today on this frigid NYC Day. It’s sooooo cold and winter is not even here yet so bundle up if you are on the East Coast and heading anywhere today such as the Macy’s Day parade. As this is a day to give thanks overall, I must share that I am very thankful for my own family, dear friends and those who take the time to peruse whatever I have decided to write about on “The Chronicles” or on PiercingMetal.com – All of you mean the world to me.

The world around us tends to remind us just how fleeting our time is with our loved ones and beloved pets so use that time wisely and treat each other well as much as possible. I’m not trying to be grim or anything as much as I am saying to be good to each other while it can be done. Hold the door for someone, donate food and clothes to a shelter, feed or rescue a stray cat or dog that you see all the time. It’s all going to make you feel better inside at the end of the day. Thanks once again, its time for me to brave the ever-changing schedule of the MTA as I head to relatives in another borough. I hope that you get to your own destination without incident today. Remember to never text and drive or take unnecessary phone calls. Unless you are Batman, no one needs to be called or messaged as you head somewhere. See you soon and by the way, this years photo was observed on a lawn in nearby Dyker Heights.

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