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Disney Channel’s “Big Hero 6 – The Series” Official Trailer

In 2014, I first discussed the Big Hero 6 character and his upcoming film over on PiercingMetal.com (seen HERE)- It wasn’t a normal process for me because I don’t usually feature the Disney films unless they are a part of the Marvel Studios line of releases on that website. Now with a full blown Film and Television section of its own, I am continuing to showcase the stuff that might be for a slightly younger audience. This animated series continues the adventures of Baymax and company in a new Disney Channel show called “Big Hero 6 – The Series”. Let’s take a look.

The Plot: The series is set after the events of the feature film Big Hero 6 and continues the adventures of 14-year-old tech genius Hiro Hamada and the compassionate, cutting-edge robot Baymax created by his late brother Tadashi. Along with his friends Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Go Go and Fred, they form the superhero team Big Hero 6 and embark on high-tech adventures as they protect their city from an array of scientifically enhanced villains. Hiro also faces academic challenges and social trials as the new prodigy at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology (SFIT).
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Dreamworks TV “The Adventures Of Rocky & Bullwinkle” Official Trailer

adventures of rocky and bullwinkle logo

Growing up I used to LOVE “The Adventures Of Rocky and Bullwinkle” and as a child I even had these bendable figures of most of the cartoons colorful characters. These interesting heroes are returning with a Dreamworks TV show that will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime under their “Prime Video Kids” area. Let’s take a look at the trailer for the show.

The Premise: The series sees Rocky and Bullwinkle “thrust into harrowing situations but end up saving the day time and again. As Rocky and Bullwinkle’s innocent and silly ambitions to become rock stars or find lost treasure end up dovetailing with Fearless Leader’s sinister plans to take over the world, our heroes are set on a collision course with his notorious superspies Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale.”
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