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Rundown Of “The Honeymooners” Marathon On PIX11 12/31/2020-1/1/2021

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Last year, I took the time to line out the complete rundown of the annual marathon of episodes of “The Honeymooners”. After the year that we all have had I can honestly say that this classic comedy is the perfect way to both close and open up a hopefully promising new year. Based on the pandemic, there are even more of us under lockdown as the year closes up and while there are still specials with tons of autotune, my only real interest is the final countdown to the New Year. As in the past marathons, some of the funniest and best of the episodes will be aired so head over to WPIX 11 and spend some time in Brooklyn with Ralph Kramden, Ed Norton, Alice Kramden and Trixie Norton and just relax. The shows begin at 11PM and run continuously into the next day with a brief pause for area news at 4:30AM before picking back up again at 9AM. Let’s take a look.

December 31st:

11:00AM – The Bensonhurst Bomber
11:30AM – Unconventional Behavior

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Dungeons and Dragons Gaming Celebs To Host “Destination Fantastic” Travel Show

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The Press Release:
Popular “Dungeons and Dragons” gaming personalities Satine Phoenix and Stefan Pokorny announced via social media that they are teaming up as the hosts of a new documentary travel show currently in production. The show, entitled “DESTINATION FANTASTIC,” will take viewers on an amazing odyssey across the globe, as they seek out inspiration for their own personal worlds of art, fantasy and storytelling. The show is created by award winning filmmaker Josh Bishop and produced by Ron Harbin.

DESTINATION FANTASTIC is an independent documentary travel show that will follow the hosts on a whimsical journey each episode as they explore all things fantastical. Castles, dungeons, labyrinths, mythological creatures, fantasy games, sacred grounds, art, literature, music and history are all par for the course. Along the way, celebrities, experts and fanatics will help showcase the history and details of each new location and subject.
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