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Presenting My “2017 Wrapped” In Spotify

I’ve been using Spotify for quite a few years now and remember that the first time I had ever heard of the application/service was when I attended an event called Blog Expo back in 2011. At the convention, I had met some Finnish people and they showed it to me on their laptop. The service was not yet here and if you feel like jumping into the “PiercingMetal Wayback Machine” just click HERE to see that report.  The other day I learned that one could generate their “Year In Spotify” and since I like talking about stuff like this on The Chronicles, figured I would do some screen captures and offer up some thoughts on each of the applications disclosures.  Let’s go.

spotify, 2017 wrapped

I had to chuckle at the revelation that I “only” listened to 9.6K minutes of songs.  That amounts to about 161 hours or 6.6 days when it comes down to it.  Readers should know that I am also using YouTube to listen to music AND the still popular in my household CD medium.  A lot of times when it comes to the review process I am listening via a provided stream which is not connected to Spotify.

spotify, 2017 wrapped

I honestly don’t know how Spotify came up with these performers as my top artists unless it was just testing to see if I knew who it was of these choices.  Of these groups I listened to more Misfits than anyone else you see but overall much more KISS, Van Halen and Judas Priest were listened to over the course of the year. Continue reading Presenting My “2017 Wrapped” In Spotify