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Bay Ridge St. Patrick’s Day Parade (3/22/2015)

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Before I start I would like to welcome you to the fourth day of the continuing winter. Yeah they said that Spring had sprung on Friday but its been super cold ever since so I am kind of convinced winter has made a side deal with Mother Nature. Now, where was I – Oh yea….. You probably didn’t realize that St. Patrick’s Day was a week long celebration if you’re not from the immediate NYC area. With parades happening before 3/17 and additional ones after that date it would surely seem to be the case. That brings us to this presentation which is a visual of the Bay Ridge St. Patrick’s Day Parade that happened yesterday in our neighborhood. I like presenting this for our faraway readers as much as those former Ridge residents who now live in other parts of the country. Here we go.

bay ridge, bay ridge st. patricks day parade 2015, bay ridge parades

bay ridge, bay ridge st. patricks day parade 2015, bay ridge parades
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2014: Let’s Get Green!!!

Well hello there dear readers of the Chronicles of PiercingKen and let me be one of the first to wish you all a very “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”. It’s time for us all to get a little green going on and as has been done for the past few years on this blog, I present to you some themed findings from my travels around NYC’s streets and shops.

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Bay Ridge St. Patrick’s Day Parade (3/24/2013)

Hello my friends and welcome to Bay Ridge where earlier in the day we had our annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. This is the first parade of the year in our neighborhood and since it passes right by my block I always try to snag a bunch of images for you readers to enjoy. One of the main reasons that I do this is for those long ago residents who might have moved away from this neck of the woods so they get a little slice of the old neighborhood. Earlier this year my own family packed up and headed to South Carolina. Oh don’t worry, I’m still here in NYC and ready to entertain you again and again so let’s get started on these parade visuals. I’ll be letting the images do the talking and say very little until we’re done.

bay ridge, bay ridge st. patricks day parade 2013, bay ridge parades

bay ridge, bay ridge st. patricks day parade 2013, bay ridge parades
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Happy St. Paddy’s Day 2013

Since it’s once again time for the “wearin’ o’ the green” I wanted to wish all of our readers a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day and share a couple of images with them as well.   All of the stuff you see was captured on wanderings around our fair metropolis shortly before the actual St. Pat’s Day.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day New York City (3/17/2012)

It’s that time of the year where everyone’s “Irish Eyes Are Smiling” and the wearing of the green can be seen all around you; Especially in New York City. With this being the case I just wanted to post a couple of seasonal images that I found around the command center and wish you a very fun-filled but safe, St. Patrick’s Day. The first photo is a very happy Leprechaun that my Grandmother gave me about ten years ago. “He looks like you she said”. I just smiled at her way with words from time to time. He really doesn’t since I don’t sport a beard.

Speaking of my now dear departed Nanna, she was very creative and had fashioned this decorative ornament to hang in the apartment. It was very nicely made, and all by hand mind you. I’ve tried to keep this in top shape after a couple of apartment moves and so you should still be able to see that its a three leaf clover and there is a small leprechaun on the top of it.

This little guy is my “Lapelprechaun”. Alright, I realize that’s completely terrible but I was at a temporary loss for what to say. Nonetheless this is my little lapel pin leprechaun. He stands a couple of inches high but I don’t wear him out much for fear that I will lose him.

I don’t really have in the way of festive St. Patrick’s Day garb but I did secure this nifty Leprechaun hat when I did the head shaving for St. Baldrick’s a couple of years ago. Before you ask, yes they did give this to me.

I’ll be taking it easy on St. Patrick’s Day because I will be covering a show over at the Gramercy Theatre. It’s not an Irish Metal band but that sure would have been fun to bring to the table. The Dropkick Murphy’s are not in town today and I don’t think Flogging Molly are either so I shall be hitting Hank III. Maybe if I am lucky I will get a couple of green beers. Can you believe that I have not yet tried one of these? I mean, I really don’t think I ever have.

If I am not able to get one of the green beers, I am so making a point of visiting the local McDonald’s to sample their new McCafe Shamrock Shake. They are bringing this new concoction out for the customers and its reported to be very different from the one that I used to love. I will give it a try and if I hate it, perhaps I will bring that to the world’s attention via the blog.

Enjoy the day everyone and remember that lots of water and sleep will help you get back to normal if you overdo it.