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Saying “Goodbye” To My Shadow Cat (11/1/2015)

It’s with great sadness that I share the news about my beloved cat Shadow who needed to be released from this plane after a brief illness a few days ago. She was just over fourteen years old and was rescued by my Mom some thirteen and a half years ago and had been with me ever since. It’s been a hard few days of tears and accepting that she is not here with me anymore for sure but I wanted to take a few moments and share some of my favorite photos that were taken and remember her with a smile. Below is the first pic that I ever took with her. It was to introduce her to the world via the at the time popular social networks of Friendster and MySpace and to include in email for far away friends.


Shadow was rescued from my Mom’s backyard when I saw a mouse zoom by me in my old apartment. They were working in the streets outside and I guess the critters were running into our basement and up into the rest of the building. The little black cat was very friendly and left in the bathroom for the night in order to get her scent in the place and frighten off any future mouse visit. I noticed she had a slight scratch on her eye and a small cut on a paw so I didn’t wait on getting her to the Vet because she was going to be living with me from then on. I made this decision rather quickly since she was so friendly and loving. I guess she appreciated being brought into a warm apartment in the dead of winter. At the time I was only calling her “Black Cat” or the generic “Cat” since I didn’t decide on a name yet.

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Shadow’s “Lucky 13th” Birthday (9-24-2014)

Back in early 2002 I rescued a sweet black cat from the streets that had been hanging around my parents backyard. I had planned to keep her only a few days and put her up for adoption but she was so friendly and sweet, I decided to keep her. A quick visit to the veterinarian found her not only “about” six months old but also pregnant with kittens. I factored my date of rescue and the six months which means that around this time would be her birthday and that makes this black cat thirteen years old. A very lucky 13 for sure.


I named her “Shadow” and she is still here with me twelve and a half years later and of course a very big part of my personal world. I let her enjoy her “birthday” with as much sleep as she wanted along with extra food and treats for being good. She seems to be enjoying this process. I don’t put as much cat stuff on the personal site but I will try to do more of that since this is the everything else in my day kind of site. That being said, “Happy Birthday Shadow Girl”.