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Guidelines For A Seamless New York Comic Con

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As I’ve been going to the NY Comic Con for nine years now, I’m often asked by friends who are braving the teeming masses for the first time about some suggestions and necessary items to bring along to make their day a whole lot easier. Instead of repeating myself ad nauseum, I decided to throw some thoughts down on the web in this little post. It’s my hope that these tips add to your enjoyment of this sensory overloading event. Here is a quick laundry list of things I’d recommend that you have along with you.

The In General Stuff:
1. Decent Sized Bag: Bring a knapsack or schoolbag or a sizable messenger bag. You never know what you might purchase or be given depending on your discussions along the way. A schoolbag might be a little clunkier but I tend to prefer to have more room than less myself.
2. Empty Clear Sandwich Bags: Lots of the big booths do giveaways of buttons or stickets and assorted thingies. I’ve secured them for ease of finding once its all over by tossing them all into one of the clear baggies.
3. Sustenance Part 1: It doesn’t hurt to bring along a couple of energy bars or perhaps a peanut butter sandwich if you can eat peanuts. The Javits Center gets expensive and you might prefer your money go to vendors instead of concessions. I also have taken small baggies of honey nut cheerios, unsalted Saltines or peanuts along with me. Just to give a quick energy boost. Sure a candy bar might be fine but we don’t always need the empty sugar in our systems.
4. Sustenance Part 2: A single bottle of water will suffice because you can fill it up at assorted points during the convention. Maybe just bring one of the empty water bottles that you might use in the gym or on excursions during your normal day.
5. Hand Cleanser: Purell or something similar. It never hurts to be clean. Sometimes I’ve seen friends carrying a small packet of wipes. Those work too.
6. Aspirin: Just in case you get headaches easily or that the convention becomes too much for you.
7. Body Spray: Sometimes the heat of a place like Javits can find people feeling a little ripe. I mean no insult to say if this is you on a regular basis that you should bring along a spray of some kind to use just in case.
8. Technology Part 1: A fully charged mobile device. It doesn’t hurt to update it before you head into the convention either in terms of the apps you use all day. This same logic applies to your tablet or if you are bringing along a laptop.
9. Technology Part 2: The cords to charge said mobile device at one of the numerous spaces around the convention you can use should the juice run low. I also bring along an external battery which is wonderful since it let’s me also charge up my camera on the fly.
10. Camera: You don’t have to bring a big ole rig out with you but sometimes a small point and shoot will do the trick during the convention should you want to get more images and not have everything on your mobile device. Be sure to have this charged and with a clean SD card. Double check that you have the SD card in the device since the closest Best Buy is not too close at all in comparison.
11. Money. Need I say more? Most vendors accept credit cards so if you are points crazy like me just use that.
12. Umbrella: Hey if you have a schoolbag with you this is a non-issue and I always tend to carry one nowadays.
13. Comfortable shoes: Last convention it was tallied that I walked a sum total of 20 miles across the four days. It actually might have been slightly higher but I cannot locate my reference to this at the time of this posting. So with that said you are going to want to be good to your feet.
14. Reading Material: A comic book, a magazine or a novel will all suffice. You might want to take a break from the madness and sit down somewhere.
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Exploring The Reading @ The 2018 Book Con

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Hello there readers it’s nice to see you returning for another convention exploration. I have to say that it’s been a whole lot of busy here at the Media Command HQ with the Book Expo that we attended almost two weeks ago and was documented HERE in case you missed it. Then I headed over to my grandmothers old neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn to attend the Five Points Festival for PiercingMetal.com and you can see that by clicking its name. I was back that day after, the Sunday for the Book Con but had to hold off on the narrative based on my wrangling one of the “final” shows by the legendary Thrash Metal titans Slayer. That report will hit PiercingMetal as well of course and now its time to share the coolness and the faces we met at the 2018 Book Con.

book con, book con 2018, photos from book con 2018

book con, book con 2018, photos from book con 2018
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Exploring The Book Expo 2018: Part Two

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Hello again my friends, its nice to have you returning for the continuing exploration of the 2018 Book Expo. This massive publishing industry event was once again taking over the Javits Center for a few days and we are on point to show you what is going on with some of our favorite publishers and to see what might be a brand-new discovery. If you missed the previous chapter please click HERE to bring up the stuff so far presented and with that being done I will continue along with these cool Marvel and Star Wars books for kids by Disney.

book expo, book expo 2018, photos from book expo 2018

book expo, book expo 2018, photos from book expo 2018
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Exploring The Book Expo 2018: Part One

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It was once again time for the annual Book Expo at the Javits Center and as tenured readers of “The Chronicles” know, we have been attending this particular convention since around 2011. I’ve only missed it twice since then with one of the times happening when it relocated to Chicago for some reason. This adventure was going to be the first in a series of events since not only will the Book Expo lead us into The Book Con, but the Five Points Festival will be happening in a few days and we are attending that as well. The Book Con stuff will be here while the Five Points Festival coverage will fall to PiercingMetal.com so do please check both of those out as they go live.

book expo, book expo 2018, photos from book expo 2018

For those of you who have never attended or know much about the Book Expo, this particular event is aimed at the industry and select press only.  That means the publishers, vendors, librarians and marketers for this industry along with select press.

book expo, book expo 2018, photos from book expo 2018
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Image Comics Reveals Events/Signings For Book Expo/Book Con 2018

Both PiercingMetal.com and “The Chronicles” have been attending the Book Expo and Book Con for a couple of years now and an overview of last years adventure can be found on THIS LINK. The two conventions begin tomorrow (5/30) and one of the publishers in attendance are the fine folks from Image Comics. Earlier this morning, we received a press release with some of the exclusive events and signings that will be taking place over the course of the next five days. Check it out by clicking the logo below as this has been already posted on the PiercingMetal.com website.

Piercing Ken Thoughts: Sorry to send you over to the other site instead of re-posting here. I am quite wrapped up in getting a number of posts online to run while I am at these events. I’ll be exploring them as press and I look forward to presenting you some posts so stay tuned. Oh and before I go, if you are curious as to what the folks at Image Comics usually give away at Book Expo click on THIS LINK. See you soon.

Official Websites: