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PiercingMetal Goes To “Hey! Ho! Let’s Go: Ramones and the Birth Of Punk” Exhibit

Yesterday I headed out to Flushing Queens to the Queens Museum because the “Hey! Ho! Let’s Go: Ramones and the Birth Of Punk” exhibit was still running and I didn’t want to miss my chance at seeing it. I grew up on the music of the Ramones and even used to play in a band that focused on their tunes a number of years ago. It’s not a bad ride but it is on the long side. You’ll need the “7” train from the city and you head to Mets/Willets Point then walk a half dozen blocks. While I like to present most of the museum stuff here on PiercingKen.com since this exhibit focused on the legendary Punk band I felt that it belonged here. Click the logo below to be transported to our narratives. There are three in total and a LOT of photographs. See you over there.

Logo - Ramones

The means to comment has been turned off for this post because I’m only using this as a signpost but you can leave topical thoughts on any of the narratives over on PiercingMetal.com that might spark you to do so. I hope you like this one as it was a lot of fun to attend.

Remembering “The Ramoniacs”

I’ve mentioned in a few of my narratives how I was once a little more active musically than I find myself able to be today and just this past weekend while cleaning around some of my packed away gear I discovered this unexpected surprise. The first and second set list of tunes that was performed by my Ramones tribute band “The Ramoniacs” during one of our gigs. I just had to share it with you and I hope you like it.

The Ramoniacs was a three-piece unit that featured Scott Koblish on guitar and vocals, John Conroy on bass and vocals and myself on drums and backing vocals. The initial premise was to do a lot of Ramones for people and as you can see by the pair of nineteen song per set lists that is exactly what we did. To my knowledge there are not any photos of the group in action, but be aware we were not a tribute in the sense where we dressed like them anyway. Scott did bring a wig to one show and we took turns wearing it and for one set at a show I attempted to wear a motorcycle jacket. That was not too easy.

We only did about a handful of gigs before parting ways but our set was an interesting one to say the least. It was about 90% Ramones covers from across their entire catalog (with a heavy emphasis on the classics) and the other 10% was used for a few originals and songs we liked and did as if The Ramones had offered them up. We had no official logo or band photograph for gigs and that actually kind of surprises me when I think about it. Like all bands there were some fun times and there were also some harrowing ones. That’s music life for you. I’m still in touch with Scott today thanks to the likes of Facebook and he is currently drawing “O.M.A.C.” for DC Comics. Be sure to check it out. If I find any other stuff about the band in my archeological digs I will be sure to share it with you here.

Many thanks to SkeletonPete for taking these two photos and putting them together. The set list was a double sided card. Maybe I should laminate this.