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Exploring Toy Fair 2016: Gund

Logo - Toy Fair - 2016

We are surely cooking with gas as the fantastic finds from the 2016 Toy Fair continue. I am so very glad to have started using this blog for additional visuals and now we’re going to peruse the Gund booth for a few moments.

Logo - Gund

Gund has been making high quality plush stuffed animals for decades now and you might recall their slogan of “Gotta Get A Gund”. I love passing by this company’s booth because one year they had Grumpy Cat in attendance and another year were showcasing the new Ugly Doll KISS plush dolls. While choosing to expand my visiting of this convention I still keep my geek side close to my heart so focused on anything featuring the properties that I like the most. That finds me beginning with their dolls dressed as popular DC Comics superheroes. This is Griffin and Malone dressed as Superman and Batman respectively.

gund, toy fair 2016

They had a Flash and Robin (who I later learned was named Hardwin) and a Wonder Woman named Anya who is coming up in a couple of photos.

gund, toy fair 2016
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