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STX Entertainment: “UglyDolls” Promotional Posters

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We’ve shared a few trailers already from the upcoming STX Entertainment feature “Uglydolls” and at this point for any of that content we want to direct readers to THIS TAG as it will open up anything documented about the film. These trailers were a lot of fun but now its time to share the promotional posters.

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The Plot: Moxy and her UglyDoll friends travel to the other side of the mountain where Uglyville nestles and finds the town of Perfection, a place where everyone is perfect. There they encounter Lou, who gathers recruits to train for perfection and ultimately find a child in the real world. Eventually, the UglyDolls learn that being oneself is more important than perfection when Moxy meets lonely perfect doll Mandy.
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Check Out Some “Teen Titans Go! To The Movies” Promotional Posters

Maybe you remember that I had discussed this film back in May with the official trailer for the DC Animated Feature “Teen Titans Go! To The Movies” but if you are new to these offerings and somehow missed it please click HERE so you are up to speed. As a diehard fan of the comic book movies and most of the animated features, I generally keep an eye out for additional promotional posters to showcase in a posting of their own and this film has released a handful of fun visuals that I will share with you after the Official Theatrical Poster. I’ve also added the films premise and an expanded voice cast listing for you to absorb. Let’s have a laugh shall we?

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The Plot:
The Teen Titans learn that almost every hero in the DC Universe has their own films, ranging from Batman and Superman, to characters like Aquaman and Alfred! That said, they search for a director for their movie. But the Hollywood director Jade Wilson rejects their offer due to the fact that because of their recent actions over the past few years the Teen Titans can no longer be taken seriously. However, they find a window of opportunity for their own movie by having their own nemesis in the form of Slade, who plans to mind control the entire Justice League and take over the world.
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