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Meet “Truculentus Flora” The Plant…..

Do you remember the movie, then Off-Broadway play and eventual movie once again called “The Little Shop Of Horrors”? You don’t!!!!! Crap. Well, okay to sum it up it’s a love story about an alien plant with a ravenous craving for blood and its hapless owner/minion to its insidious plans. There you go. Done. Look it up if you need some additional information, it was a fun film and it’s a musical by the way (well, at least the latter two instances of it were). I admit that I never saw the original film by Roger Corman. So with that being said while on some wanderings with our fellow blogger buddy The Beehivehairdresser, I chanced upon a very strange looking plant and one that totally seemed aimed at us all with sinister intent. Take a look and tell me if you disagree.

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