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Celebrating 11 Years Of PiercingMetal.com :)

Whether you calculate it as 132 months, 572 weeks, 4,015 days or 96,360 hours – it all ends up amounting to the same result of eleven years which is exactly how long my PiercingMetal.com website has been online. I’m rather proud of my Metal Media home on the web and wanted to be sure that all the readers of the Piercing Ken Blog were aware of this personal milestone. Click the image below to be taken to my posting about it on that site. I snapped this one with my phone so I could share the news best in our Instagram.


I’ve disabled the means to comment on this post since it relates to the other website and any notes from readers are better left on that posting on PiercingMetal.com – Either way, thank you all ever so much for keeping up with our adventures. You all rock.