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PiercingKen & Social Networking: Instagram

If you have been paying attention to my PiercingMetal Musings Blog and its continuing run of narratives on the various Social Networking mediums, you probably thought that you clicked into one of them by mistake since I copied the title premise for use over here on the PiercingKen Blog. You’ll have to forgive me this little bit of Internet sleight of hand and know that I only did this to let you readers know that I am using the Photo Networking application called “Instagram”.

I’m kind of excited because this application while used by so many iPhone users around me, has only been available to the Droid smartphone users for about two weeks. I installed it on my Droid “Incredible” but really need to get used to it before my upgrade time comes. I will be getting a new phone in a little over a month since my plan allows me to do that every two years. I’m leaning on the Droid RAZR Maxx and am NOT switching to an iPhone like many suggest that I do. Sorry. With that being the case, my Instagram account is “PiercingKen” just like this here blog but I don’t yet see a way to paste a direct URL link to my account so that interested parties may come and follow me. Hopefully the name will suffice and those who wish to keep up in that realm will have a little initiative and search me. My plan is to use this to showcase an image or two that will eventually be used in blogs and that lets those readers see them first. How exciting is that? I know right, it’s really super exciting. Well. At least to me so I do hope you will come along especially if you like what we are doing here on the side blog. It’s goal is always to entertain.

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If you should want to enjoy the whole gamut of those Social Networking overviews and how I apply their use as a music journalist in today’s ever changing realm, just click HERE to bring up the list over on the PiercingMetal Musings Blog. Topical comments are always welcome on stuff like that especially if you are doing some similar adventuring.

UPDATE 8/13/2012: I discovered a way to find my Instagram and if you have any interest in what I am doing with that little side of the Internet you can easily click Follow from there. It seemed to work for me when I selected my friends account so have at it. I will try to keep you entertained and visually interested.

PiercingKen on Instagram = HERE

Manipulating A View For You……

I was doing some family stuff not too long ago and right across the street from the restaurant where we had all gathered was this river inlet kind of setting. For some reason the view I had of this waterway just prompted me to take out the trusty Canon snappy camera and grab it for posterity. Sometimes I do that and end up wondering how to use the photo going forward. It’s a nice shot isn’t it? Kind of a calm serene setting. It was quiet today and you would not know from standing there on its bank that it was right next to a very active roadway.

On the way home I looked at the photo again and played with it without color in my mind. Once I was back at the computer I did this with the software and felt that the image now appeared to be something we might find on the cover of an Opeth album. It had that certain “Bleak”ness to it (pardon the pun and use of one of their songs names, but I could not resist). Do you agree that this could be this kind of bands album visual? I like to think that you are nodding your head right now. If not, I shall not hold it against you.

Oddly enough when I took this same image and turned it negative it took on an even more ominous aspect. Now it looked like something from an old Traditional Black Metal release of some kind. Sinister, foreboding, dangerous. Questionable about where it leads and what awaits you when you get to the end. I think that you get the picture. Anyways. It’s so fascinating what simple manipulation of an image can bring to mind.

That’s all I have for you my friends, I just wanted to get this out of my brain and onto a post for you to absorb. As always there is more to come.