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“Obsessed: Radiohead” by Lena Hall

Artist: Lena Hall
Title: “Obsessed: Radiohead”
Label: Ghostlight Records
Release Date: 6/1/2018
Genre: Rock

I’m continuing my examination of the series of cover EP’s by Tony Award winning musician Lena Hall with her latest offering of “Obsessed: Radiohead”, an album that finds the sonic vocalist offering up homage to the legendary Alternative Rock band by giving us her take on a handful of their numbers. My own relationship with the band Radiohead came very early in the bands debut as a newly signed band to a label I knew some people at way back when and upon inquiring what this one was all about, I was told “we think the song CREEP will be a big hit”. It was of course, and the band went on to their own levels of stratospheric popularity. Sorry, I just had to add that one into the mix but back to the latest tunes from Miss Hall.
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