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Brooklyn’s Kings Theatre Celebrates Its 90th Birthday

kings theatre logo

The Press Release:
Brooklyn: Not unlike Noam Chomsky, Burt Bacharach or Betty White, we stand in the presence of another still-relevant nonagenarian who’s had ups and downs and has powered through valiantly… It is with great honor that we announce the forthcoming 90th Birthday celebration of the Kings Theatre, Brooklyn.

The pride of Flatbush Avenue, the Kings Theatre’s edifice has gone through many remarkable changes over these past eight decades, but the soul of the strikingly beautiful 3,000 capacity venue remains just as strong as it was back in 1929 when it opened as a Loews Theatre, dropping the curtain on the silent film era and ushering in the talkies.

Wait, did we say 3,000 capacity? The Kings Theatre may be a 20th Century legend, but it’s far from a relic. After this broken down old monarch got a new lease on life in 2015, the mandate was to make room for 21st Century audiences. To that end, we are proud to announce the theatre’s new expansion expected to accommodate nearly 500 more attendees in its orchestra pit area.
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My Last Visit To Roseland Ballroom (4/9/2014)

The venue had officially closed only two evenings prior to these shots being taken and since I had to be in the city to see some newly made friends, I decided to take a slight detour to go pay a visit to The Roseland Ballroom one more time. I was hoping for some kind of phrase on the marquee like “Thanks NYC” or “Goodbye” but as you can see by these images this was not to be found. That was sad.

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Command Z Strikes The Bitter End (7/20/2013)

One of the things I like to do with the personal blog is to periodically showcase some of the talented friends that I have in my circle whether they be music, art or something else. One such project is the band Command Z that features one of my best buddies (and occasional PiercingMetal contributor) Joe Kaufman on lead guitar, Tom Quigley on lead guitar, Larry Corban on bass and Brian McMahon on drums. The band used to feature Trig on drums but he has since left the group. I’m happy to say that I’ve known most of these lads for more than twenty years apiece and a couple of them even longer. Here is their striking logo.

Logo - Command Z

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A Friendly Thought From A Times Square Hotspot

b.b. king blues club

Before you read any more of this post, I want to admit to you that I have already used this photo over on my PiercingMetal site but it was too cool in my humble opinion and hence my rational in sharing it here with all of you readers of the PiercingKen blogsite. I took it the other day while in the city for an appointment at a brand new venue called Stage 48. I was doing a walk-through with my trusty colleague Skeleton Pete and as we walked down 42nd Street there it was.

Folks who read this blog only might not be aware that I have been to the B.B. King Blues Club and Grill over 200 times over the past eight years and for each of those times I was covering some kind of show for the website. I like to consider myself an advocate of the live music scene and that is why I keep a comprehensive calendar over on my main music reporting site. You can access that calendar by clicking the photo above and please do feel free to share that resource if you like what you see. If you’d like to see the coverage from those 200 plus shows you can click HERE. I can only imagine that this listing will get bigger and bigger as we aim to the future. Alright, time to get back to the normal writings and planning. Like the venue said “Have A Nice Day” 🙂

Official Website: http://www.bbkkingblues.com

There’s A New Venue In Town: Introducing Stage 48!!!

Every now and again I like to use the PiercingKen.com blogsite to inform our readers about something that I think was super cool and informative and had been written exclusively for the PiercingMetal Official Blog. That being said, I just took a wander with my good buddy Skeleton Pete to a place called “Stage 48” which is a new venue opening up in NYC in full towards the end of March. Clicking the venue name below will transport you to PiercingMetal Musings where you can enjoy the narrative.

stage 48

Comments are locked on this post but you can surely leave us your opinions about the new venue space over on PiercingMetal Musings as that has been left open for you to do so once you have finished reading. As a frequent NYC concert goer, I am very excited about a new place to enjoy some killer bands and you can count on reports being done for shows over there for sure.

Official Website: http://www.stage48.com