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Piercing Ken Explores Orange County Choppers

A few weeks ago I was visiting friends upstate and one of the things my buddy likes to do when I am there is keep my time occupied with the coolness of the area. He knows that I love blogging up the sights that I see and felt that a quick visit to the Orange County Choppers complex in Newburgh would be time well spent. He was right. So out came the little point and shoot and I snapped with fervor as I walked around the showroom.

orange county choppers, occ,

orange county choppers, occ,
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Visiting Washington’s Last Encampment (7/21/2012)

Not far from the Cantonment which was presented in a couple of previous posts lies the location of Washington’s Last Encampment. The buildings have been skillfully reconstructed and if you are in the area you should add this part to your exploration as well.

washington's last encampment

There was a slight path to walk down before we reached the grounds where the buildings were standing.

washington's last encampment
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Playing “Frogger” in Newburgh, NY

OK, so perhaps the title of this blog posting is a little deceiving but it did get your attention and bring you here and that is all that matters to me.  The two photos of this little jasper of a frog were snapped on a recent visit upstate to my friends place in Newburgh, NY.  It was late on Saturday evening and this guy was hanging on to the door frame and just loving life it would seem.

My friends said that while they had seen many frogs up in their neck of the woods they had not yet seen any that small or in this color.  I rushed for my trusty Lumix to snare a few shots of the little guy and then let him go about his evening business.  I tried to not disturb him or frighten him and was out of his way in seconds.

I’m not really sure what kind of frog he is but he was about the size of a quarter.  Perhaps in truth a little bigger but he was not even the size of a half dollar coin if any of you remember what those were.  I loved being able to snap this since nature always reminds us of how magnificent this planet is.