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15 Years Ago Today; The Northeast Went Dark

It was fifteen years ago today when a massive power grid outage found the lights going out on Broadway and well, pretty much everywhere else as well in this section of the Northeast. Are you old enough to remember this happening? I do and I was temping at a major investment banking house at the time doing some sort of technical hoodoo. I wasn’t writing any Metal articles yet but the time was drawing near for that to become the case. The photo below was a satellite image of the states and that sizable section of complete black on the East Coast was us. Good grief.

The incident occurred just after 4pm and of course everyone was still hard at their tasks. I remembered a “disruption” in the PC performance and vaguely recall a generator going on but it would be a short thing as my co-workers and I stopped what we were doing to figure this out. It wasn’t long before all were sent out of the building to make their way home in whatever fashion they could. The concern was what could have caused this to happen. Could it be another act of terrorism and had something destroyed power in the city? It didn’t seem to be the case and everywhere I looked, the people seemed collected and on the calm side which made moving about easier despite their being thousands of people at every turn. A friend had suggested we try to get a bus out of the city so I veered in the other direction towards 57th Street and once there determined that there was no way to get on a bus unless you rode on top of it like you see in those train videos from India. We still had daylight on our side so a hasty trek was made down Broadway with the plan of walking over the bridge back into Brooklyn and somehow getting to my apartment on 86th Street in Bay Ridge. Was I really walking home from the city? I guess I was and as I neared the Brooklyn Bridge I mused to myself that it was only 90 or so blocks once I got over the span. That’s doable right? Right? I remembered people walking too slow over the bridge and as someone who moves on the quick this was killing me but I am also chatty and made some travel companion friends along the way. One of them said that her friend was waiting on the other side and would most likely take me at least halfway to Bay Ridge since they had to go that way themselves. Getting to this dude took me about 7 blocks out of the path that I needed to stay on and of course when the woman and I found him, she got in and the ride was not extended to me. Truth be told I wouldn’t have given a complete stranger a life but also I guess that he was hoping to “get some” from his female friend with his “Knight in Shining Buick” rescue display. With her being a nervous wreck the whole walk I didn’t that was going to happen and I laugh at this today since I had hoped he wouldn’t after making me lose pace that much distance and being sidelined. A seven block veer is a problem when the night is coming up soon and the notion that there will be 0% light to guide you home is on your mind. I was both happy to have kept her company and also to have been rid of her since she was walking too slow anyway. I guess its safe to say that if we are ever in a “The Walking Dead” scenario that the slow pokes will not be in my command of the New Saviors at all.
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Happy 130th Birthday To Lady Liberty

Today is the 130th Birthday of a very special resident of New York City. Yes my friends, it is the 130th for the amazing Statue Of Liberty who has welcomed millions of visitors to our metropolis and the surrounding regions.

statue of liberty, liberty island,
Happy Birthday Miss 🙂

The statue was a gift from France way back when and you can learn all of the finer details on the official Wikipedia entry that I have pasted at the close of the birthday wish. The photo that you see above was taken by me with the Samsung point and shoot while attending an event called Blogger Bash. The event came with a short harbor cruise and we passed by the statue so everyone was snapping away. I’ve not been to the actual Liberty Island in many years so thinking that I need to do that sort of excursion once more. Who’s up for some tourism? I love exploring my city and sharing the fun right here on the Chronicles so let’s get some plans in gear. See you next time.

Official Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statue_of_Liberty

The David Bowie Mural Reminds Us Of Loss On The LES

The great David Bowie has been gone for a couple of weeks now and in addition to the throngs of fans showing up at his former place of residence not too far from where I snapped these photos, the proprietors of The Graffiti Room (a Ramen Shop on the corner of Kenmare Street and Mott Street) have lent their wall to this stunning mural. I took a wander over to the murals location since I was heading into the city for a Metal concert. After seeing it on a friends Instagram I knew I had to have my own photograph of the work.

david bowie, david bowie mural, nyc murals

The location is a short walk from the N, R, D, F, and 6 trains so do be sure to see it with your own eyes before it should go away. As nice as it is, nothing in NYC remains forever these days. While I was there I ended up taking some photos of passerby who wanted to be in their own shot but they had no selfie stick to get a proper full view. I didn’t mind and then when one asked if they could do one for me. I felt “why not” but as you can see I was not in the mood for smiling since the musical void that Bowie left behind was still resonating in my mind. This one hurt and our new year was not off to a good start with the loss of such a talent. Anyway, do make sure you see this mural in person while you can and should you like to see some of the visuals that I captured in front of his former residence you can click on THIS LINK.

david bowie, david bowie mural, nyc murals

Thanks again Mr. Bowie for all of your musical inspiration and creativity. I doubt we shall find as prolific a sort in music any time soon. Those interested in learning more about his storied life and career are directed to his Wikipedia entry which is linked below.

Official Website: http://www.davidbowie.com
Official Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Bowie

The Christmas Lights Shine Brightly In Dyker Heights 2014

“You are traveling through another neighborhood dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of illuminating lights and holiday energy. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of the imagination, the proper placement of a lightbulb and available Con Edison power connections . Your next stop, the Christmas Twilight Zone of Dyker Heights!” – Gosh I sure hope that the ghost of Rod Serling isn’t mad at my being slightly creative with his introduction to the famous television show. The last person I need haunting me at night is him. That said, here is an extra holiday treat for you readers in a display of some of the wonderful decorations that the homes up in Dyker Heights have set up. I wanted to let them shine (pardon the pun) in a posting of their own. You might also enjoy the relative silence from me for this one as I let the photos do the talking for me. Enjoy and once again “Merry Christmas” to those celebrating and “Happy Holidays” to the rest.

christmas lights displays, christmas in brooklyn,

christmas lights displays, christmas in brooklyn,
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The Chronicles Of PiercingKen Are Southbound!

Hey there readers and welcome back to the program once again. In case you are wondering what I am talking about with this one let me explain. You might remember my mentioning how my family retired a couple of years ago and when they did this they also packed up from their beloved Brooklyn and headed to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

spirit airlines

The best option for my trip was going to be using Spirit Airlines for the flight as they go directly to Myrtle Beach and require no side stops to switch planes. With the distance being an under two hour flight it makes the most sense to just go straight there. Spirit Airlines is a low cost economy airline and essentially if you want something it comes with a dollar figure. An extra bag = $, a window seat = $ and a bag of potato chips or soda = $. You get my point.

spirit airlines

Oh look, my rides here.

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