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A Temporary KISS for the LES

A few weeks ago I lamented the loss of Nice Guy Eddie’s which was a favored space for a couple of beers and food when I was planning on hitting a show down in this part of the Lower East Side. They had a decent happy hour and were also known for this next visual which was emblazoned proudly on their side wall.

kiss mural, new york city murals

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Sometimes The Message Is A Very Simple One :)

Am I wrong? I didn’t think so and when I chanced upon this mural and its very simple yet powerful statement I just wanted to share it with you all. It was located on 11th Street and First Avenue in NYC to my knowledge. I didn’t “map” myself as I was running a little late so snapped the shot and continued on my way. That happens sometimes in this grand metropolis.

That’s all I got right now so carry on my friends and have a wonderful everything.