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A Glimpse Of The Expanded Idle Hands Bar NYC

A couple of years ago I toasted the second anniversary of the Idle Hands Bar that a few of my friends from the NYC Music Scene had opened up as I was so happy to find it being the success that it was in a metropolis where there is some king of bar at every turn. New folks to this particular posting can click HERE to update themselves and then continue along.

Logo - Idle Hands Bar

As I cited in that posting, Idle Hands Bar was located downstairs at this address and quickly became the place to go for industry and fans alike after Metal shows and given its clientele and hosts, you could generally count on something Metal brewing within its walls.

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Happy 2nd Anniversary To Idle Hands Bar (9/15/2012)

Just recently the Idle Hands Bar celebrated their second anniversary and I wanted to use this blog to congratulate them on getting there because let’s face it, in this big city it’s often a tough go to keep the pace and this is especially so when it comes to bars or restaurants. Congratulations on completing your second year and the move into the third and beyond. The photos that you see in this posting were shot by me back in May of 2011 when I stopped in for a quick pint of ale while on my way to a show at Arlene’s Grocery.
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Hitting The Interstate For Excellent Pregaming (6/28/2012)

What’s that saying again? “You don’t know what you got until it’s gone”? Or is that just a Cinderella song? Either way, it totally illustrates the point that I needed to make for this narrative. Some of my readers might not know this yet, but I had done a series of what I called “Pregaming” narratives over on my PiercingMetal Musings site and they essentially discussed the places where my friends and I would enjoy food and drink before heading to the shows. It was a fun little thing to share with my audience since I just love talking about things that I enjoy. Anyway, a week or so ago, I was heading out to see Lez Zeppelin with my good buddy Skeleton Pete down on the Lower East Side. We were lamenting the closure of Acme and most recently Nice Guy Eddie’s as it left us with limited choices that we agreed on in the area. The sun above was blazing and we were getting impatient about getting a chance to cool down and sate the growing hunger. Fortunately while on Orchard Street a shop owner responded with “try Interstate” when I quizzed him about finding a decent burger in the vicinity. It was only a short hop from our exact location.

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A Sad Goodbye To Nice Guy Eddies :(

Dear New York City. Please stop shutting down the places that I like to go to before shows and enjoy a beer with my friends. Alright, so perhaps the city did not actually close this establishment but by the time you are reading this posting the bar known as Nice Guy Eddies will have closed and I am not too happy about it. Eddie’s had become the official pregaming space for me and many of my friends as we headed to shows at Mercury Lounge and even the couple of blocks away Piano’s and Arlene’s Grocery.

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