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The Chronicles Of PiercingKen Hits 7th Anniversary

Good afternoon readers, I just wanted to take a moment out of this rainy Monday to share the news about today being the seventh anniversary of my Lifestyle Blog “The Chronicles Of PiercingKen”. As longer tenured visitors already know, this website was launched as a space for me to share all the different stuff that didn’t fall in lines with my Music and Pop Culture themed PIERCINGMETAL.com website. During the course of the last year, I’ve made sure to keep the content flowing and while its not as often as it might be with PM.com, there are a considerable amount of narratives becoming a part of this presentation based on conventions and other events that fit best right here. Now its time to talk about the stuff that’s been changed a little bit and to showcase some fun photos that helped me celebrate The Chronicles “Lucky 7th” Anniversary and since we are discussing “luck” what is better than this visual of a slot machine from Atlantic City.

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PiercingKen’s Top Five Blogs Read In 2011

It’s been a very active year for me as a photographer and lifestyle blogger when it comes to the stuff that I have been sharing with the world on my PiercingKen blog. Longtime readers will recall how I launched this little space on the Internet to have an area to showcase my other photography and ideas that fell too far outside of my music journalist adventures that we present on PiercingMetal.com and that leads me to this posting. What I decided to do was offer up a list of the “Top Five” most read blogs on the website. This is by no means a lining out of the most active writings for the calendar year itself but instead the most visited items that have been done since we launched the site. I felt that this would be a little cooler and if we end up with the same thing when 2012 closes its book, I will figure out something different to share with you. Doing something like this lets the newer readers enjoy some of the trinkets and possibly share with their own friends as new “discoveries”. The list is numbered as most popular in order of their visits. #1 is the obvious highest of the batch.

1. When Astronomy & Metal Met Face To Face

2. Hangry & Angry Fashion Show @ NY Comic Con/Anime Fest (2010)

3. Tom Otterness “Life Underground” A Public Art Display

4. The M&M’s Are Among Us

5. Nathan Saway’s “The Art Of The Brick” Exhibit

Looking at the list myself I had to smile a little bit as I recalled the circumstances that made them become blog as well. It strengthens my creative resolve and finds me super excited for the stuff that I will chance upon in 2012 and share with you all over here. Thanks for reading, commenting, liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter. I appreciate it all.

Welcome To The Chronicles Of PiercingKen!

Hi there, glad you stopped by 🙂 So what is this “Chronicles Of PiercingKen” that you are looking at you might be asking, well let me try and explain it as best as I can.

To those who know me, I am going to ask you to sit tight for a moment so I can give a brief introduction to those who might not and have found this blog while randomly surfing around the Internet. My name is Ken Pierce and for the past six or so years I’ve been a music journalist who adventures out into the Metal night and offers up findings on my PiercingMetal.com website. It’s a blast and a half presenting what I experience to a wider audience than just my circle of friends and since its own launch in 2005 has greatly changed from what I originally thought it would be. I do hope you will click the link and examine it if Hard Rock and Metal music are up your alley. Now back to the program already in progress 🙂

Long before I was doing any journalist stuff, I always considered myself a little bit of an amateur photographer and I would constantly be snapping away at things that I saw in my travels. This meant that I had a lot of photos that fell outside of my music pursuit to show people and I needed a place to do so. It seems as though the days of flipping through a photo album were over thanks to the Internet and social networking sites like MySpace and the now dominating Facebook and many people were using these mediums to share with their friends. Honestly, this was not for me, and I decided to launch a new blog and post those treats for you in it. The name comes from what a couple of my publicity people call me, and I felt it worked even though I have nothing to do with piercings. It’s in name alone I am afraid.

What’s The Premise Of PiercingKen?: I really don’t have a particular “mission statement” yet, but after looking through my recent and older folders of photos I can tell you to expect museum stuff, travel and touristy stuff, New York City visuals, Art, Fashion and Food as they come up in my day and maybe even the occasional music piece that is worth talking about but would not fit on PiercingMetal. I just might even scan some old photos that I like and share them here as well. It’s a very open playing field that I am establishing. I’m going to let this be a little bit of a catch-all that brings you into my day a bit more. Sometimes I might be profound and at others rather absurd. Let’s see what happens. Enjoy the ride.

Ken Pierce, Founder and Principle Creative.