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Happy National Cheese Pizza Day (9/5/2014)

Perhaps you didn’t know about this one either, but today is apparently “National Cheese Pizza Day” and while this its being referred to as an unofficial kind of national holiday; I like to think that I can get behind it with a little bit of gusto. I love pizza and to me there is nothing quite like the stuff we get here in The Big Apple NYC so what I did was gather up a few photos of pizza that I have snagged with my phone while out and about and making pizza the dining option.

Logo - National Cheese Pizza Day

Longtime readers of The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken blogs know full well that I am an active participant of the Foodspotting application and you can look more into that yourself by clicking HERE. Now let’s get to some pizza photos. This first shot comes from my own neighborhood spot called Nino’s which is conveniently located right down the street from me. I’ve shared a few photos of some different options that I have had from this place. If you are in Bay Ridge do check them out, they’re in the 90’s on 3rd Avenue.

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Quick Eats @ Liberty Tap Room (Myrtle Beach, SC)

As a number of posts over the course of this month on “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” have explained, I had headed down South early in the month to see family and now that I am back in good ole NYC, I’m getting to posting about many of the sights I enjoyed. I also wanted to serve up some images of the eats that I had if you can pardon the terrible pun and instead of lumping them all together they each get a post of their own. That brings me to the Liberty Tap Room which was the first place that my folks and I dined upon my arrival. It’s a typical pub type of place and since it was a Sunday there was not a lot of choices. Yes, outside of NYC places take off on Sunday.

liberty tap room

The place had numerous representations of the iconic Statue Of Liberty around, and this was one of the more prominent ones so I snapped a visual. I’m not going to go overboard about the decor of the place as much as share the images of the eats that we enjoyed.

liberty tap room
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