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FOX Searchlight’s “Ready Or Not” Red Band Trailer

ready or not film logo

While I’ve promised to showcase more of the Horror and Science Fiction stuff over on the Pop Culture side of the PiercingMetal fence, the overall amount of trailer summaries that have been hitting over there finds me needing to use this space every now and again. I hope you don’t mind the occasional swap. When I saw this twisted trailer for the film “Ready Or Not”, I knew that this Black Comedy would be up many of your alleys. Now bear in mind that this is the Red Band Trailer and will be a little more extreme than the one you see on the television. Here we go.

The Plot: The film follows Grace, a new bride who joins her husband Alex Le Domas and his rich, eccentric family, at their large estate. On their wedding night, Grace discovers the family intends to hunt and kill her as part of a ritual they must complete to survive.
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