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I Love Pizza @ John’s Pizzeria (New York, NY)

I’ve been wanting to put more of my dining out adventures here on The Chronicles because I am often taking a whole lot of photos to use for Foodspotting.com purposes and since I recently hit the famous John’s Pizzeria of Bleecker Street I figured why not post something. This was a busy day for me, as I had to head to Long Island City to see a friends art exhibit and then later in the evening would be a rocking show by my buddy’s band. I touched base with some friends who said they wanted to go to John’s Pizzeria beforehand for eats and a couple of beers and so I connected with them but the only downside my stomach was in knots based on drinking some very expired orange juice. This was going to be interesting.

john's pizzeria, john's of bleecker street

We lucked out on arrival to John’s as there wasn’t much of a wait to get inside. The place is very popular down here in the West Village and there is almost always a line. I’ve seen the line before and opted for something else but tonight my two friends were on a mission so pizza was going to be had and here is a quick visual of the pie from my phone. In John’s you cannot order single slices and must get a whole pie. That was not a problem for us as all as we would devour this.

john's pizzeria, john's of bleecker street
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