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PiercingMetal.com Reaches Its Eighth Year Online :)


Good afternoon readers and those who just are chancing by and enjoying the offerings of this little website of mine. I wanted to take a moment of your time to let you know that my music and photography site, PiercingMetal.com, has reached its eighth anniversary today. I’m very proud of that particular domain and if not for my doing that website I would have never decided to launch this Lifestyle Blog as well. It’s on that website that you will find reviews of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music, video, books and concerts along with thousands of photographs. I even have a blog connected to it that I call “PiercingMetal Musings” and that is where I talk deeply about comic books, conventions and other things that interest me. Clicking the graphic below will bring you over to the sites main page so you can see what we have been up to. I hope you enjoy it.

PiercingMetal utilizes all of the main Social Networks of the day so please give a like or follow to the sites official accounts via the links below. I’ll see you soon back on this site with my next interesting adventure around the metropolis.

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PiercingMetal.com Reaches Its Seventh Year Online :)


Hey there readers and welcome back to yet another post on “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken”, I am always glad to find you stopping by. So what is this particular narrative about you might be wondering, well, this is not so much a traditional post but is instead more of an announcement and traffic detour to my other website. I’m doing this today because PiercingMetal.com has been online for seven years as of today and one has to ring the bell over the bar with a lucky seven right? It’s been a blast bringing all sort of Metal music happenings to those readers and since the PK.com realm is vastly different from that side of the creative mix, I am periodically going to announce what is being done on PiercingMetal.com using the powers of PiercingKen.com – Don’t worry, my plan is to do the same thing over there for the benefit of this blog as it would only be fair. Anyway, please do click the wonderful seven slices of pizza photo below (that is from Nino’s Pizzeria right near our Creative Command HQ BTW) and you can see what is going on over there. Thanks as always for your interest and dedication to these creative musings. It’s a pleasure to serve you 🙂