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Happy New Year 2015 Everyone :)

Happy New Year 2015 my dear readers, welcome to a brand new year and I hope that it will be an awesome one for you. Have you made any resolutions? If so is it possible for you to keep them? I’ll remain hopeful that you can especially if its something simple. I actually didn’t do any this year but my plan is to keep at being as excellent as possible to those who matter the most to me and make my world all the more awesome.


2014 was an interesting year for me with some highs as well as lows and this is to be expected in life. If you had too many lows in your 2014 I’m going to cross my fingers that 2015 treats you a little better. We got your back over here at the Piercing Ken Creative Enclave that’s for sure 🙂
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Happy New Year 2014 My Friends!!!!

It’s 2014 dear readers and it’s only begun a little while ago. While I realize that many of you are still out and about, I wanted to be one of the very first to wish you and amazing year and say that I hope its one of good health, prosperity and many awesome memories.


I’m not going to ask if any of you made resolutions or anything but I do wonder what you might be looking forward to the most in 2014. My plan is to keep living life in the real sense and while using these blogs and the Social Mediums to share then, those things will not be governing my time. Embrace that which is around you in real time my friends, not from behind the keyboard if at all possible. Live life good is all I will leave you with.


We now return you to the New Year 2014 (already in progress).