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Happy New Year 2016 My Friends

Well here we are in 2016 and Spooke the Cat and I would like to wish you and your families/friends and your socially networked connections a Very Happy New 2016. Make the most of it and perhaps change some of the things that you felt didn’t quite add up in your world during 2015. I’ve made some possible guidelines for you below the photo of my best girl. The New Years tiara was impossible to keep on her head so we get what we get in that image.


1. Live life in the real and not in the Facebook. I am sorry but wow did last year have some drama all around thanks to this pain in the a$$ world of Facebook. I’m not going to expand on it but holy mackerel was I shocked when I learned firsthand just how important people feel that network is in their own life space. Don’t comment on everything you see or add your two cents without being fully aware of what is being discussed. Be wary of who you add and who you delete (I will speak more on this one later as its important). Be cautious about what you post and share about your real life if you are not 100% sure of who sees it. Tread carefully with this network my friends, I still shake my head at some of the outcomes I have experienced and seen it cause all around. I’ll probably be using it mostly for site broadcast at this point.

2. Go through your emails and old texts and catch up with folks you might have lost contact with for some reason. Speaking personally, I love receiving a text or email from someone that I am missing. I’d say make a phone call but nobody seems to want to do that anymore. Remember that catching up or giving a crap requires more effort than clicking “like” on someone’s Facebook status or posting a “thumbs up” icon.
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