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Happy Halloween 2015 NYC

Logo - Halloween - 2015

By now I am sure that you realize how we love Halloween over in the Piercing Ken Creative Command and for the last few years I have been doing a post here on the website that simply showcases some of the spooky decorations or scenes that I have observed while exploring our always interesting Metropolis. With that being said, here is this years installment. Enjoy and uhm, watch your back in the darker alleys.

happy halloween, halloween in nyc, halloween in nyc 2015

happy halloween, halloween in nyc, halloween in nyc 2015
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Happy Halloween 2014 New York City (10/31/2014)

Happy Halloween my dear readers, my hope is that you are getting ready for a fun day or just are prepared to dish out some treats to the costumed visitors that will come a calling as the day progresses.


Readers of this blog are already used to my now annual presentation of various spookified images that I have snagged around the shops of NYC for Halloween but I would like to take this time to welcome all of our new fans to this sort of thing. I’ll keep the chatter limited and instead let your eyes do their own captions. Let’s do this.

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Happy Halloween 2013 NYC – Get Spooky!!!

Hey Readers it’s once again that time of year where I share a number of Halloween visuals that I felt caught my attention enough to grab a photo of and as the mood strikes me I tossed in a comment or three. I love this time of year and am getting this batch of sinister sights to you after seeing the legendary Misfits. Yes that article will be on my PiercingMetal.com site soon so stay tuned. Here we go, and Happy Halloween…..


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Happy Halloween 2012 Everyone!!!

Okay so now that Hurricane Sandy has left our region, it’s time for us to try and get back to as much of a bit of normal as possible. I do hope everyone that reads my blogs is okay along with their loved ones. With that being said, I am starting off this fun post by saying “Yay it’s here again” and that means Halloween, one of my very favorite times of the year since the costumes are out along with the super spooky decorations. With that being the case I once again wanted to showcase some of the creeptastic coolness that I have seen while adventuring around our city. Enjoy and please feel free to eat a piece of candy while you peruse these visuals. Let’s start off by wishing the world a very Happy Halloween shall we.

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Happy Halloween 2011

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, sing it with me Fiends…..oh wait, that’s the Christmas song but I have to say that I truly enjoy Halloween and consider it one of my very favorite holidays and times of the year. I’ve long felt that it was a day that people should be allowed to miss work for and I usually tell my employers that is one day that they can always mark me absent for. When I launched the PiercingKen Blog last year I presented some spooky sights from around the city for your viewing pleasure and while I didn’t see quite as many as I would have liked this time around, I have still repeated the process. Please hold on tightly to the hand of your significant other, ahead be monsters……

Batman loves his Coffee


Velcome To My Lair


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