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The Windows 10 Free Upgrade Is Here!

Hey there readers, it seems as though the time to get your free upgrade to Microsoft’s Windows 10 and I decided to take advantage of it since I was getting a little bored with my release of Windows 7. I had never gone to Windows 8 or 8.1 on any of my systems and I am using three distinct pieces of gear in case you were wondering.

Logo - Windows 10

After requesting the upgrade via the means in your task bar, a few weeks went by until the upgrade rollout date which was beginning on July 29th if memory serves me correctly. I saw the notice the following day and decided to wait for a few days before kicking it into gear. My test example would be my little HP Netbook (remember those? They were pretty much the tablets of the time based on their size and basic functionality). Anyway, it was in my Windows Update screen that you first see the option to begin the upgrade and I apologize for not capturing that image. After about two hours the download and installation completed and brought me to this screen below.

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PiercingKen’s W10 Upgrade

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