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Happy Fourth Of July 2014 NYC :)

It’s Independence Day in NYC and I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a very Happy Fourth Of July. As is my usual practice, I’ve culled together some images that I felt properly represent the day. Let’s start off with this awesome figurine from the folks at Safari Limited. I saw this as the 2014 Toy Fair and thought it would be great.

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Happy Fourth Of July NYC (7/4/2013)

Just a quick posting to wish all of our friends, family and readers around the wherever a very Happy Fourth Of July which is being celebrated in today in the USA for those of you who are hitting our site from other parts of the world. I like making it a practice here on the blog to showcase topical visuals that I had seen and that being said here is some cool Independence Day pride that was observed on the windows of a bar called J.J. Bubbles in my Bay Ridge neighborhood.


This next image was found while doing one of my daily lengthy neighborhood walks and seen on the 92nd Street Overpass. Finding this was a case of perfect timing.


I didn’t see all that many out of the ordinary presentations this year so please be okay with these simple few. I hope you all have an enjoyable day with whomever you are spending it with and of course please be careful around those fireworks.

Happy Birthday America.

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