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Attention Fellow Foodies; Foodspotting Has Come To An End…..

Though it was never really my intention, I pretty much became a Foodie once I learned of the Foodspotting app and added its use to my regular contributions to the Yelp community. I had fallen behind in my submissions there based on life demands but when I logged in recently to catch up I learned the sad news about the app being shut down. Here is the official scoop on the matter.

“As you know, OpenTable acquired Foodspotting in 2013, not only for its amazing content, but also for its incredibly loyal and engaged community. Since then, you’ve been instrumental in how friends and experts alike discover the best dishes across the world, and for that, we just want to say thank you. But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. After much deliberation, we have chosen to discontinue the Foodspotting app and website in early May. If you’d like to keep all the photos you’ve captured over the years, we encourage everyone to take this opportunity to download your content. Click HERE for details”

What a shame right? Another Social Network bites the dust. I’ll miss this one quite a bit as I’ve been using it since I first chanced upon their booth at the NY Comic Con way back in 2011. I found it odd that they were pitching attendees of the massive geek event but despite that I thought they were interesting and I signed up. Fortunately, I snagged a couple of screenshots of my profile to forever remember my account status.

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I also secured some expert level status based on certain contributions. There were a lot more than these based on the account but no real easy way to showcase them outside of the top four. Beer was one of them as was french fries but I am so trying to do less of that at this stage in my life. The pounds no longer go away just by will anymore. Sigh.

foodspotting, social networking, foodie

Since I began penning this notice, I learned that a new app has risen up to take the place of Foodspotting and this one is called Eatellia. Just click the name to be brought to their site. According to what one user posted on the Foodspotting Facebook Page, one can import all of their Foodspotting images into this app but I don’t see how that can be done now that Foodspotting isn’t even opening up on the mobile device or website. Goodbye Foodspotting, I really enjoyed your network and sharing foodie visuals with those who chose to enjoy them along with me. Hopefully this new Eatellia app will amount to something and I’m game to try it out since I really don’t like posting endless images to my personal Facebook Page. Since the Foodspotting app isn’t even responding anymore and the weblink brings you to OpenTable.com it’s safe to say that its a done deal. My use since 2011 finds me thinking that I was a very early adopter of this network and its pretty impressive to find it lasting almost eight years considering how quickly peoples attention span drifts. Closing up I’ve linked several of the socials that I am regularly posting on so by all means come “Like” or “Follow” us on them. The more the merrier I always say.

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PiercingKen & Social Networking: Foodspotting

I’m taking a page out of my PiercingMetal Musings Blog once again to share with my readers the news about my noodling around on a particular social network. I did this with Instagram a couple of months ago because not only was the ID the same as this here website, but the overall use of something like Instagram would be more for the kinds of things that you read about here on PiercingKen.com anyway. The same applies to this one which is the dining-centric network known as “Foodspotting”. You might be thinking that it relates to food and you would be correct in that assumption. Foodspotting is cited as being a “visual food guide” and as I had mentioned in my Musings site posting about this, seems to be something that works well with those folks who are using Foursquare and Yelp! a lot in their adventuring.

I met some of the people involved in this service when I was at the Comic Con back in 2011 and it sounded kind of cool and was surely a little more interesting than some of the stuff that we find ourselves telling friends on Facebook and Twitter at every given second. With Foodspotting you can not only recommend places to eat to your friends and the network at large, but you can also take a photograph of your order and post it while at the same time offering up some information about it. For instance, I recently visited a bar/restaurant called Interstate Food & Liquor and I LOVED it. I was there with Skeleton Pete on the night we were hitting the Lez Zeppelin show and their menu was outstanding. With that being the case, I took a snap of my burger and our appetizer and loaded it up onto the Foodspotting site with a couple of words about it. My hope was to spin up extra interest in the offerings because it was so damned good. I plan to be doing this a lot more often as I find an interesting place worth speaking about. I can be found on the site via my real name of Ken Pierce or via the PiercingKen Twitter as I didn’t use the pen name of PiercingKen for this one as my actual ID. Closer friends can just add me via my Facebook Page which the service lets you check to see who you might know.

After losing two places that I really liked to stop into for a bite to eat, I hope that my using this kind of social network will help keep business coming in to the new haunts that I find and like. I am getting really tired of losing places like Acme Restaurant and Nice Guy Eddies that is for sure.

Should you wish to delve into the whole gamut of the Social Networking overviews and how I apply their use as a music journalist in today’s ever changing realm, just click HERE to bring up the list over on the PiercingMetal Musings Blog. Topical comments are always welcome from people who have some awesome thoughts to bring to the table, especially if they are doing similar adventures and can compare notes.

UPDATE: May 2, 2018 – I’m updating this post to share the news about the ending of Foodspotting. Back in 2013, the company was acquired in full by OpenTable and at the time of this sale, company founder Alexa Andrzejewski maintained that the purchase would not find the resource going away but here we are some years later and that has indeed happened. My post about Foodspottings end can be reader HERE if you’d like to check it out. I am going to miss this one because it was fun to load up the images into and it drove my non-Foodie friends bonkers.

Official Website: http://www.foodspotting.com/